Thursday, 17 September 2015

Adventurous activities

Earthquake walk
Risk your steps with simulated earthquake feel staggering your steps gushing excitement through your nerves. 

A narrow wooden piece connected with two ropes on a wire running across the valley with rise of adventure in each step as we go one step above the other. The activity is named Earthquake walk due to the staggering steps that create a resemblance to earthquake like feel as you walk the heights.

A walk in the air on ropes, pumps both your energy and excitement to sky top creating life experiences like never before. 

Just like the Burma Bridge, but with loops of rope for the feet, creating body balance with each step of added concentration. It is an advanced adventure version of a bridge used in world war for emergency crossings.

Heeby Jeeby
Entwine yourself at great heights taking greater risks passing from one rope to another. The Heeby Jeeby activity looks hard, the participant will use the hand lines to cross the foot cable or bottom ropes, depending on how hard you want to make it you have to use the position of your walk. Physical balance comes in play as you approach the center. 

This activity defines the extent of body-mind coordination and self confidence the participant has as the level of complexity can be set by the participant himself.

Cargo net
Climb up the nets that take you to the tree tops multiplying your level of excitement. It’s the same Cargo net, used in high rope activities that acts like a flexible ladder which you can use to move in both vertical and horizontal direction. 

The cargo net climber brings fun and excitement to your activity space. It provides opportunities for real time strength training, conditioning and of course loads of fun. 

Multivine traverse
An activity for the brave heart, it’s a true adventure sports lover’s favourite game.  Here you walk on a single tight rope with the help of few ropes that hang parallel which you can hold and move across to next activity. 

It’s one of the best activities where you can build your confidence and body balance. Adventurers are provided with helmet and then attached to a revolutionary safety system called Belay System; that permits progression from obstacle to obstacle without the need to detach from the safety line at any time.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Activities at Tea Valley Resort

At the Tea Valley resort hotel, we also organize outdoor activities outside our resort. You will be accompanied by guides who will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable tour. Your safety is always paramount. We arrange activities ranging from nature trail to Mountain Biking. We can also arrange for an outdoor tent camp, if you wish to spend the night out in the wild! Get adventurous and explore the wild outdoors! You can enjoy these outdoor adventure whether you choose budget or luxury packages with our speciality accomodation and lodging facility. 

Nature Trail
The Nature walk is the right program to feel nature, hear her whispers and smell her flowers. The trails often pass through evergreen and moist deciduous forests interspersed with marshy grasslands. Different nature trails traversing diverse habitats form the trekking routes, generally 4 to 5 km in length.

Bird Watching
Munnar is blessed with a vast array of exceptionally rich bird life with total of over 850 species recorded. This is an interpretive program offering excellent opportunity to watch birds, butterflies and other wildlife. 

Guided Trekking
Meesapulimala – the second highest peak in South India. After early break fast around 25 kilometers drive up to Silent Valley estate through the Kanan Devan Hills tea plantations and scenic beauty valleys etc, The trek will be through the Shola grass lands, Pine forests, valley of Rhododendrons etc
Top station valley trek After early break fast around 29 kilometers drive up to Yellapetty estate through the Kanan Devan Hills tea plantations, villages, Madupatty, Echo-Point, Kundala Dam etc, and the trek will be through the tea plantations, dense shola forests, mountain ridges, shola grass lands, etc

Jeep Safari

Kolukkumalai Jeep safari, tea trail and Orthodox Tea Factory (1935) visit “The highest tea growing estate in the World” After breakfast drive through the Kanan Devan Hills tea plantations and scenic beauty valleys, Lock heart gap, spice plantations etc, Would be a wonderful experience of the jeep drive through the tea plantations jeep able rugged road and can have close look to the spectacular country side and the rural Tamil people who is working in the tea plantations with the warm smile, also we can visit one of the oldest tea factory – in this tour in between we can walk as much we want.

Wildlife Tours

Chinnar wildlife sanctuary safari, through the Anamudi shola National Park. “The biggest shola forest in India” A wonderful drive through Kanan Devan Hills tea plantations, villages, Madupatty, Echo-Point, Kundala Dam and a spectacular drive/walk through the Anamudi shola National Park, where you can see the real nature, birds life, tree fern grown like a palm tree etc, after this 8 kilometer drive/walk we will enter in a beautiful countryside of the Tamil people where you can see the vegetable cultivations, rise, and Sugarcane cultivations, Muniyara “the historical hermitages” etc, this drive will take you up the Kerala Tamil Nadu border to a Chinnar wildlife sanctuary and we will have 2 hours trek through the Sanctuary and back to Munnar through the Marayoor Sandal wood forest.

Tent Camping

Tea Valley Resort offers opportunities to camp out in the wilds of Munnar. Enjoy a wide selection of spacious, level sites with picnic tables, water spouts and fire pits. Snuggle up around a crackling campfire and enjoy a cup of hot drink Your cozy tent will be waiting for you when the fire is out.

Mountain biking 

Mountain biking is a tremendous way to see the exotic sights. Here you will enjoy the timeless culture and rich flora and fauna of our heritage as you explore the places. After breakfast we will start our biking passing through forests, tea gardens and spice plantations. Tourists will be provided with cycles, guides and also refreshments and mineral water while cycling.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Munnar Tea Plantations

Tea also known as Chai is the most popular beverage in the whole world. There are basically three main varieties of the tea plant - China, Assam, and Cambodia. The China variety grows as high as nine feet. It has an economic life of around 100 years. The Assam variety grows up to 60 feet in height. Pruning is done to keep its height around 5 feet. It has an economic life of 40 years with pruning and plucking regularly. Tea with fascinating flavours can be produced when grown at an altitude near that of Munnar or Darjeeling.

Tea Garden

Munnar is a beautiful destination with the world's best and renowned tea estates. There are over 50 tea estates in and around Munnar. Some of the main tea estates in Munnar include AVT tea, Harrison Malayalam, Brooke Bond, Michael's tea etc. Munnar is one of the largest centers of tea trade in India. Munnar and the surrounding areas were covered by forests until 1970. They were first recognized by the European known as Duke of Wellington.

A.H. Sharp planted the first tea sapling at Parvathi, that is currently the part of Seven mallay estate. Presently the entire area is covered by the miles and miles of lush tea gardens. Munnar is basically a tea town. In order to follow the natural contours of the landscape, the tea bushes are planted 1 meter to 1.5 meters apart. They are also grown on specially created terraces to help irrigation and to prevent erosion. Munnar is perhaps one among the places to preserve and showcase some of the exquisite and fascinating aspects on the growth of tea plantations in Kerala's high ranges.

Tea Valley Resort amidst tea garden

The Munnar Tea Gardens are a must visit if you are planning to visit Kerala. One can walk through these picturesque tea plantations which are filled with rich and scented fragrance of tea. Neelakurinji, a flower that blooms every 12 years can also be spotted while taking a walk through these tea gardens. One also gets a chance to see the picking of the tea leaves and its processing within the factories. Tourists can also pick these leaves and take them back home as a gift of wonderful memories.

Tea Valley Resort

Cottages amidst the lush greenery, aromatic tea gardens and mist-covered hills are hallmarks of Munnar that affords a serenity and tranquility. Experience the beauty of morning dew drops and exotic fauna at Munnar Tea Gardens and feel nature in its purest form. Best time to visit Munnar Tea Gardens in between the months of October and April, when the weather is at its best. The Munnar Tea Gardens are open from early morning to evening. The most attractive part of Tea Valley Resort is its ideal location. Our closeness to Munnar town and variety of flora and fauna surrounding the resort will definitely help you enjoy your vacation and create a most beautiful memoir of Munnar. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Monsoon season in Munnar

Monsoon at Tea Valley Resort, Munnar

Mist Clad Hills of Munnar

Monsoon - the thought of this charming season conjures up the pictures of dark and cloudy sky, wet leaves, umbrellas popping up everywhere and also the chilly winds of the evening. Munnar is also known as kashmir of South india and close within the lap of such an enticing terrain, Munnar is one among the most beautiful hill stations in india and a visit to Kerala isn't complete without a visit to Munnar. Monsoon is also ideal for visiting Munnar if you love rains in the hills. The monsoon holidays will lift up your spirits. There’s something about the rains. It’s charming and fascinating. During monsoon, the landscape will turn nearly silver-grey and the weather will become misty and cold. Listening to the sound of rain is always soothing to the ears. The beauty of Munnar will surely captivate people’s mind and soul in its very first glimpse.

Tea Valley Resort, Munnar

Tea Valley Resort is located amidst lush greenery. It is surrounded by vast expanse of Tea gardens. The emerald-green views from the hilltops, beautiful waterfalls, undulating lakes are some of the attractions that you can experience when you choose to stay at our hotel. Anyone who is looking for comfort, luxury and budget in Munnar will be truly satisfied with Tea Valley Resort. We offer convenient stay with excellent hospitality services.
This monsoon, we bring you special offers which are irresistible. Enjoy the untamed beauty of Munnar with Tea Valley resort. The monsoon offers are extended till 31st of August. So, hurry up and book your cottages. For more details you can visit or call us on +91 9447091166 / 9447085532.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Adventure Tours in Munnar


Adventure Activities in Munnar

Tea valley resort, Munnar is a start hotel providing 4 star lodging and accommodation. It also specializes in giving specialty lodging, accommodation or boarding. Our resort is situated in the midst of a 6.5 acre tea estate. Due to ideal location we are able to provide various adventurous activities withing our hotel premises itself.  Still there are more adventurous activities that can be undertaken outside the resort premises. Our resort arranges for these activities according to the interests of our guests.  These activities can be enjoyed in spite of the fact that whether you have chosen a luxury package or a budget package.  Guides will be accompanying you to ensure your safety during these outdoor adventurous activities.  Jeep Safari,Wildlife tours,Mountain biking,trekking and tent camping are the activities that can be undertaken outside the resort premises.
Apart from these Tea Valley Resort, Munnar specializes in providing bed & breakfast,specialty accommodation and lodging and also various adventurous activities within the hotel premises. We also provide luxury and budget honeymoon tour packages. If you want to enjoy a stay with your corporate family then we have special packages just for you. You can visit our website to know more details. Hurry!!! to choose  your packages and let us together ring in the new year of 2015 at Munnar

Friday, 12 December 2014

Winter 2014 Special Offers

Winter 2014 at Tea Valley Resort,Munnar
Tea Valley Resort,Munnar
Mist Clad Hills of Munnar

The Winter is already here and Munnar is once again attracting more visitors to enjoy this season. At Tea Valley Resort,Munnar, we are ready with special Winter offers exclusively for you. When you choose to stay at our hotel, your are choosing unmatched comfort with world class hospitality.
Luxury Rooms

 We have a multicuisine restaurant to tantalize your taste buds. The barbecue facility provided at out resort with add to your dining experiences and will take it to greater heights.  Relaxing in the comfort of our luxury rooms,  you can enjoy nature at close proximity.

Tea Gardens surrounding the Resort
 A walk in the tea gardens of Munnar is very easy as we are located in the midst of a beautiful tea estate.  We already have various adventurous activities that can be enjoyed withing the resort and also some activities outside the hotel premises.
Tree Top Adventures,Munnar

Apart from this, to satisfy the adventurous streak within you we have also started with 'Tree Top Adventures' within our resort locale. To know more about offers do visit our sit or to make bookings you can call us at 00919447091166 or mail us at 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tour Packages Munnar

Tea Valley Resort Munnar

Tea Valley Resort Munnar gives warm invitation to all to enjoy this Winter at its premises.  Our resort offers you comforts of a 4 star hotel.  We provide various packages that help you discover Munnar in its true spirit. 
Misty hills of Munnar

For the lovely couples who are looking out to spend their honeymoon at the mesmerizing hills of Munnar, we provide you with three munnar packages to choose from.
  1. Honeymoon on the hills
  2. Honeymoon Package
  3. Honeymoon at Tea Garden

There are many people who come to visit Munnar with the idea of enjoying and exploring its scenic beauty and also to indulge in some adventurous activities. For all such people, families and corporate families our resort and hotel  is happy to say that various adventure facilities are present within our resort and hotel premises.  We also arrange for sightseeing and adventurous activities outside the resort compound.  The following are the packages that these people  can choose from:
  1. Explore Munnar
  2. Discover Munnar
  3. Holiday at Munnar
  4. South Kerala packages

Hurry now, and book your budget/luxury cottages to enjoy a vacation Munnar that you shall cherish for a lifetime.