Thursday, 17 September 2015

Adventurous activities

Earthquake walk
Risk your steps with simulated earthquake feel staggering your steps gushing excitement through your nerves. 

A narrow wooden piece connected with two ropes on a wire running across the valley with rise of adventure in each step as we go one step above the other. The activity is named Earthquake walk due to the staggering steps that create a resemblance to earthquake like feel as you walk the heights.

A walk in the air on ropes, pumps both your energy and excitement to sky top creating life experiences like never before. 

Just like the Burma Bridge, but with loops of rope for the feet, creating body balance with each step of added concentration. It is an advanced adventure version of a bridge used in world war for emergency crossings.

Heeby Jeeby
Entwine yourself at great heights taking greater risks passing from one rope to another. The Heeby Jeeby activity looks hard, the participant will use the hand lines to cross the foot cable or bottom ropes, depending on how hard you want to make it you have to use the position of your walk. Physical balance comes in play as you approach the center. 

This activity defines the extent of body-mind coordination and self confidence the participant has as the level of complexity can be set by the participant himself.

Cargo net
Climb up the nets that take you to the tree tops multiplying your level of excitement. It’s the same Cargo net, used in high rope activities that acts like a flexible ladder which you can use to move in both vertical and horizontal direction. 

The cargo net climber brings fun and excitement to your activity space. It provides opportunities for real time strength training, conditioning and of course loads of fun. 

Multivine traverse
An activity for the brave heart, it’s a true adventure sports lover’s favourite game.  Here you walk on a single tight rope with the help of few ropes that hang parallel which you can hold and move across to next activity. 

It’s one of the best activities where you can build your confidence and body balance. Adventurers are provided with helmet and then attached to a revolutionary safety system called Belay System; that permits progression from obstacle to obstacle without the need to detach from the safety line at any time.

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