Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Adventure Tours in Munnar


Adventure Activities in Munnar

Tea valley resort, Munnar is a start hotel providing 4 star lodging and accommodation. It also specializes in giving specialty lodging, accommodation or boarding. Our resort is situated in the midst of a 6.5 acre tea estate. Due to ideal location we are able to provide various adventurous activities withing our hotel premises itself.  Still there are more adventurous activities that can be undertaken outside the resort premises. Our resort arranges for these activities according to the interests of our guests.  These activities can be enjoyed in spite of the fact that whether you have chosen a luxury package or a budget package.  Guides will be accompanying you to ensure your safety during these outdoor adventurous activities.  Jeep Safari,Wildlife tours,Mountain biking,trekking and tent camping are the activities that can be undertaken outside the resort premises.
Apart from these Tea Valley Resort, Munnar specializes in providing bed & breakfast,specialty accommodation and lodging and also various adventurous activities within the hotel premises. We also provide luxury and budget honeymoon tour packages. If you want to enjoy a stay with your corporate family then we have special packages just for you. You can visit our website to know more details. Hurry!!! to choose  your packages and let us together ring in the new year of 2015 at Munnar

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